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The Bright Burundi Scholarship (BBS) is a project established to provide university scholarships to students in Burundi. It is a collective effort by a group of students pursuing their masters programme at Sciences Po.

Burundi’s turbulent political situation has led to open conflict, which has only been detrimental to Burundi’s vibrant youth. The aim of the project is to empower Burundian high school graduates to actively shape their own lives and in turn help develop the society. In order to empower youth in Burundi, we as a group feel that education is the most effective means of achieving development and progress from the bottom up. Educating is not limited to an individual, but can engender powerful substantive change to Burundi as a whole, giving the next generation the tools to find solutions to some of the nation's most challenging issues.

The project aims to provide full academic scholarships (including tuition fees, living costs & housing) to Burundian students for the duration of their first academic degree in Burundi (B.A. or equivalent). The main criteria to be selected for BBS is a passion for sustainably improving Burundian society and acting as an agent for change. This is why our scholars will apply with a concrete social project realized by them during or after their university education. For this purpose, additional short-term and need-based support will be provided in order to eliminate long- term dependencies.

Bright Burundi scholars will be gifted change-agents

The selection criteria would be determined by both need and merit. Our scholars would be those who aren't able to finance their studies in Burundi without financial support. BBS will be need-based but at the same time we look forward to helping those scholars who have a vision on how to ameliorate their society and are motivated to make a difference. Bright Burundi scholars will be gifted change-agents. The aim of the project is to help Burundian scholars who are academically well-deserving and have proven to be able to successfully complete a university education. BBS empowers a vision in which well educated and well informed youth are able to contribute to Burundian society.

Who are we?

Our team comprises of Ana from Romania, Anitha, George, Prakriti from India, Fabian from Germany and Sebastian from the UK. All of us are studying Master’s degrees at the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po. Together with our partner in Germany, burundikids e.V., and in Burundi, Fondation Stamm, we have established BBS with support of Sciences Po.

We meet weekly to take the necessary steps towards the project's implementation and are organizing fundraising events in Paris.

What’s our story?

BBS founder Fabian has spent six months in Burundi, gaining professional experience in educational projects as an intern at UNESCO. Throughout his stay, his Burundian friends have repeatedly asked for support in finding scholarships for university education. As a result, his determination to find a solution to this problem grew. Together with Fondation Stamm and Students Without Borders, the idea for BBS was born. In his very few weeks at Sciences Po in 2015, the current team formed to support these efforts and is doing so right now.

Contact and Support

To contact us directly, please write to: brightburundischolarship-remove this text-@gmail.com
For more information, please visit: http://www.sciencespo.fr/projets-collectifs/fr/projet/874
Support the BBS-Campaign on gofundme

For more information download BBS-Brochure.